Last updated: February 6, 2017

What is Post Scarred?
Post Scarred is a mystery unfolding over a series of curious postcards my friend Ryan started receiving in June of 2014.

Is this real?

Who are you?
Emily is a writer and editor in Chicago. Her friend Ryan came to her with a number of cryptic postcards he’d received in the mail, to see if together they might figure out who sent the cards and what they mean.

Who sent these postcards?
We don’t know! That’s the reason we created Post Scarred: we wanted to give the cards a larger audience, in case anyone out there might be able to help us uncover the clues and assist in solving the mystery.

Why are portions of the cards blurred out?
Ryan’s last name and home address have been obscured to protect his privacy and safety.

How many cards has Ryan received?
To date, a lot.

All the cards are postmarked “Carol Stream, IL.” Doesn’t that mean the sender is someone Ryan knows from Carol Stream?
Carol Stream is the location of the US Postal Service Sectional Facility serving as the central processing and distribution center for all the post offices in zip codes that start with 601 or 603. A “Carol Stream” postmark indicates that the piece was mailed somewhere within those regions.

I want to help solve the mystery! What can I do?
Anyone wishing to participate is encouraged to contribute to the discussion in each post’s comments section. Alternately, you may e-mail us at postscarred [at] gmail, or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

I know for a fact who sent the postcards! Want me to tell you?
Please don’t. Post Scarred is intended to be entertaining. If you know who sent Ryan these cards, we ask that you not spoil the fun for everyone by publicly revealing that information. However, if you have information indicating someone’s safety is at risk, please e-mail us directly and/or contact the police.

When will the next card be posted?
We are planning to post a new installment every Wednesday and Saturday.