#5: Florida Lets Party; or, Panda (August 28, 2014)

More than two weeks went by before the next postcard appeared in the mail.



Some features to note?:

  • Hand-drawn dotted-line circle (front of card): presumably, a reference to the “holes” theme from cards #1 and #2.
  • Black mask drawn on woman (front of card): unsure of the significance, but it certainly added to the creepiness factor.
  • Panda head (back of card): in fact, a raised plastic sticker.
  • Carol Stream, IL postmark: indication that although the postcard may have come from Florida, that’s not where it was mailed. At any rate, the condition of the card (not to mention the style of the woman’s bathing suit) suggested this card had been acquired some time ago.
  • Inscription mentioning “all of us” (back of card): possibly, proof that more than one person was behind these cards.

After getting this postcard, Ryan had a new suspect to consider: his clever and sometimes mischievous sister Nikki, whose boyfriend was from Florida.


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